Thrifco 4400734 General Wire 1/4 Inch x 25 Ft Plastic Drum Drain Auger

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Brand: Thrifco Plumbing
UPC 048314007346
Model# 4400734


Thrifco Plumbing 4400734 1/4 Inch Plastic Drum Drain Auger. It's a cleaner way to clear clogged drains. Clog Chaser contains a 25 feet by 1/4” (6 mm) spring that’s fed out of the drum into the line, keeping it away from clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces.


  • Clog chaser is a compact and economical hand driven drain cleaner for 1-1/4 to 2 inch drains
  • Drum molded from attractive high density plastic, and has comfortable grip handle and a full-sized thumb screw
  • Snake fed out of drum keeping counter top clean
  • Snake made of heavy gauge wire with corkscrew boring head
  • Great Product By General Wire