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Instant-Off The Water saver Brushed Nickel Aerator #36163

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Instant Off Water Saver Clean Water is a scarce natural resource that we must conserve. Water conservation is more important now than ever before. Water is expensive and saving water means saving money. Each of us can have a positive impact on the environment if we stop wasting water. The Instant -Off Water Saver is an automatic shut-off valve for faucets that makes saving water easy. INSTANT-OFF replaces the aerator on any faucet in two minutes. Once installed, the water is left on. The faucet handles still adjust water temperature and volume but now the INSTANT-OFF controls the water. Push the rod for water and as soon as you release the rod the water stops. Features: The INSTANT-OFF is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, garage sinks and RV's No more wasting water when you brush your teeth, shave or wash the dishes The Instant-Off also stops drippy faucets. No need to change stems and washers just install an INSTANT-OFF. Instant Off Water Saver-Water Conservation Solutions- Reduce Cross Contamination The INSTANT-OFF is fast, cost effective, easy to use and durable .