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Black Swan Putty Tape 1/2"x360" #01170

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Black Swan Putty Tape is extruded putty used for sealing and weather proofing connections. It comes rolled on specially treated release paper for easy handling, and is easy to clean up. Originally designed for manufacturers of mobile homes, campers and RVs, the material stays soft and pliable, so it installs easily and conforms well to corners. Formulated to be a non-staining, non-hardening, non-drying sealer for general water proofing, air and dust. It adheres to any clean dry surface. Putty Tape may be painted over and is made so that excess may be easily stripped away. It assures all weather protection and all around good workability. It is a pliable gray mastic putty tape used on moldings, windows, doors and vents. It waterproofs overlapping metal seams. Do not use putty tape on marble surfaces unless sprayed with clear acrylic lacquer. Allow to dry.